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LP-IT Solutions

We have solutions to your IT problems.

We specialise in Apple Mac based IT systems centred around Design and Architectural studios, Post production/Video and Audio editing systems, pre press/reprographic studios and any other business that uses Mac's and the associated IT Equipment. P.s. we also look after MS Windows based system too.

About Us

Professional Consulting and Support

We are technicians, not sales people.

We love Mac's, we use them daily in our work and home lives along with the other Apple devices like iPhone and iPad.

We have spent many years working with Apple hardware and software but not just that, we know and understand that the Mac's PC cousin is better suited to certain tasks so have built up a wealth of cross platform knowledge especially integrating the two operating systems in to the same network.

We have experience covering desktop, server and network attached storage systems for design studios and other high bandwidth Mac system users.

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What can we do for you?

Fast, friendly and knowledgable, LP-IT Solutions services.

Mac Desktop

Tech Support

Bespoke support agreements.

Our contracted clients are our number one priority, with decades of support experience we are able to provide a fast and friendly issue resolution service that goes way beyond the server and desktop environment to truly encompass your whole IT infrastructure from LAN to WAN and everything in between.

Project Work

I.T. Consultancy

We can provide IT consultancy services backed by decades of experience. 
We regularly handle IT system relocations in conjunction with office moves, along with the required experience to liaise with in house IT support now found in shared office buildings. We can also install and maintain structured cable networks. Along with IT system expansions and periodic upgrade planning.

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Cloud Migrations and Support

Hassle free data and email migration to GSuite, Office 365 and more

We have migrated many customers from traditional on premise servers and solutions to todays leading collaboration and communication platforms.
Get in touch with us so we can explain how we can help you achieve this for your company.


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LCIT Limited t/a LP-IT Solutions is a limited company registered in England and Wales.
Company registration number: 12734383
Registered address: Harrison House Sheep Walk, Langford Road, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, England, SG18 9RB

Privacy Statement and GDPR

Data Protection Policy


LCIT Limited t/a LP-IT Solutions provides technical support and services to businesses. 


We don't have a commercial relationship directly with individuals, we do hold what could be considered "personally identifiable information" about the employees of our clients, we consider this data to be within the scope of the UK GDPR.


This article details the following; the data we hold, who has access to the data, What measures we take to protect the data, how we remove data.


Who do we store data on?

We provide ongoing support for our clients and the services they use, such as SaaS subscriptions. This means we need to store data about each employee client company.


The data we hold

As a minimum we store the following information about employees.


Full name


Company email address


We need this to be able to communicate and provide support and other services.


Additional information if the end users choses to share with us.


Personal phone number

Personal home address; i.e remote workers that need a site visit or to deliver new equipment etc.

Lawful Basis For Processing

Using terminology from the UK GDPR, we use "Legitimate Interests" as our lawful basis for processing the information we store. We are the data processor, the client company is the data collector.


Who has access to the data

Only direct employees of LCIT Limited t/a LP-IT Solutions have access to data to provide support and other services.

Data Deletion

If a client cancels their service with us we offer to provide a copy of the data we hold on them via a secure means, before being deleted.


Data Security

We take a number of steps to ensure personal data is kept secure.

All endpoints used are encrypted, require strong passwords and have AV software installed.

All SaaS use data encryption in transit and at rest.

All business systems use Multi Factor Authentication.


Privacy Policy

We only ask for and keep personal information that is essential to provide services to our clients. We collect it by lawful means, with their knowledge and consent.

We do not share any personally identifying information publicly or with third parties, except as required by law. We do not sell on or use personal information for anything other than providing support services to the contracted client company.

Data Breach

Our incident management procedure includes notifying the contacts at our clients within 72 hours of a breach, and its potential impact.


Further information

If you have any questions regarding how we handle personal information or our data and privacy policies, please get in touch at the following email address;

Proud members of the Apple Consultants Network

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